Journal of Community Work and Community Studies

National Central Library
Knowledge Impact Award 2019: First Prize in Sociology Group

ISSN 2223-7240 (Print)  

Introduction to Journal of Community Work and Community Studies

Journal of Community Work and Community Studies is an academic journal published by the Taiwanese Association of Community Work and Study. It offers a sharing platform for community works and community-based researches. The ideology is to adjust the relationship between knowledge, actions, academic researches and communities in order to promote the changes in the communities and self-improvement.

The primary objective is to classify the proper knowledge by the relationship between knowledge and actions. The secondary objective is to adjust the relationship between academics and communities. Firstly, we do not advocate nor limit in the separation of the researches and actions. Instead, we advocate that “the knowledge is in the actions”. In addition, because of the separation by the different research areas, the relative systems are also limited. The lack of respect in between the reviewers and authors blocks the development of the researches. Therefore, a friendly platform for both the authors and reviewer is essential.

What we expect is to establish the first interaction between the authors and the reviewers, and to interest the researchers and actors in generalizing and developing knowledge. It will be a platform to offer the community workers and the community researchers who are interested in learning, understanding and changing the community in action. Especially, those who contribute significantly to the researches on community will be able to gain knowledge and to promote community change.