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Journal of Community Work and Community Studies

Vol.14, No.1, April 2024

◎Research Articles

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Individuals, Families, and Community-Based Long-Term Care Centers and Corresponding Measures [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Zheng-Yi Chen

◎Research Note

Exploring Empowerment of Young Participants of Social Housing Youth Innovation Project in Taipei from Advisory Team’s Perspectives [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Tai-Yu Chin, Kate Yeong-Tsyr Wang

A Study on Community Capacity Building: A Comparison of Different Views on Top-Down and Bottom-Up [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pei-Ling Huang, Yang Shih

◎Practice Forum

An Accreditation System that Realizes the Values of Independence, Initiative, Happiness, and Sustainability [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yih-jiunn LEE

◎Book Review

Vol.13, No.3, December 2023

◎Research Articles

Competencies Construction of In-home Care Service Supervisors in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Fen-Zhi Yao, Hui-Chen Chao

A Competency Framework for Community-based Long-term Care Supervisors in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Fen WANG, Yih-Jiunn LEE

Caring with Empathy: Starting from the Cultivation of Core Competencies in Long-term Care Personnel: An Example of OSCE Curriculum Design for Communication Skills and Empathy [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pi-Lan Tsai, Chia-Hui Hou, Shu-Hung Chang

◎Research Note

Assessing the Professional Knowledge of Long Term Care Stations around the Blocks Personnel from the Perspective of Integrated Care for older People (ICOPE): An Example from Puli Christian Hospital [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Mei-Ling Chao, Hung-Ting Chan

◎Practice Forum

Study of Feasibility Analysis of Taiwan’s “Program to Promote Private Participation in Long-Term Care Facility Construction and Operation Projects” [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Jr-Chen Suen, Tien-Fu Lai

Vol.13, No.2, October 2023

◎Research Articles

Flipping the Sustainable DNA of the Community: Rethinking the Sustainability and Co-creation of Urban Community Health Construction from the Perspective of Social Capital, Community Building and Sustainable Development [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chia-Hui Hou

Relationship Between Holistic Development and Independent Living Capabilities Among Adolescents Living in Residential Care Facilities [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Kuan-Ling Chen, Chung-Yi Hu, Shan-Ru Chao, Su-Hwa Pong, Tzu-Wen Chen

Application of the Satoyama Initiative Principles and Resilience in the Post-landslide Alang Tongan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shih-Ching Kao, Pei-Shan Sonia Lin

◎Practice Forum

Local Implementation of the Symbiotic Community Model to Achieve Aging in Place [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Yuan Hsieh

Symphony of Community Social Work in Outlying Islands: Reflections between an External Supervisor and Social Workers [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shih-Mei Tai, Ya-Wen Ou, Feng-Ling Lu

Vol.13, No.1, April 2023

◎Research Articles

Building Community Capacity in Action Team Training: An Action Research on Changhua County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Huei Hsu

Research on the Development and Innovation of Community-based Social Enterprise from the Perspective of Social Capital: A Case Study of Dongpian Baoshi Village Social Enterprise [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/I-Tzu Liang, Shu-Twu Wang

◎Research Note

The Development of Community Long-Term Care in Taiwan and the United Kingdom: An Analysis in Terms of a Welfare Pluralist Perspective [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shih-Chou Huang, Hung-En Liao, Song-Lin Huang, Hsiu-Ching Chen

◎Practice Forum

The Need for Community Health Promotion: The Case of Sansia District in New Taipei City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Ti Tung, Hsiao-Mei Yu

From Strangers to Work Partners - The Community Rooting Process of New Taipei City Community Empowerment and Development Center [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pei-Ling Huang, Jia-Bei Lu

Vol.12, No.3, October 2022

◎Research Articles

The Effects of Managerialism on Medical Social Work: Observation of Medical Clinical [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chien-Chou Hou

Forging Local Community Workers: An Investigation on the Factors Affecting Involvement and Retention [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yu-Cheng Chang

The Study on the Development of Taiwan Care Worker Certification System [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Te-Chun Lee, Ming-Fang Hsu, Yi-Fen Wang

◎Research Note

Reconsidering the Demographic Policy and Care Relationship During the Demographic Aging Process in Taiwan: The Perspective of Community Commons' Institutional Approach [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chih-Lung Huang

◎Practice Forum

Indigenous Culture; Tribal Self-care; Indigenous Tribal Culture and Health Center [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Wu, Zheng Shan Ming

Vol.12, No.2, August 2022

◎Research Articles

A Preliminary Analysis of the Practical Experience of Multi-specialty Rural Time Banks [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hong-Yu Liu, Ming-Ju Wu, Shu-Jung Lin, Li-Yu Hsu

The Practical Progression of Social Design in Community Work: A Case Study of Elderly Care with Homie Care Model in Puli [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Kai-Lin Liang

Tribal Community-based Long-Term Care Center under COVID-19: Impact and Response [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Hui Lu, Szu-Yu Chen, Yi-Jun Chen, Feng-Ming Hao

◎Research Note

Exploring Time Banking from Economic Diversity: Analyzing the Social Models of Service Exchange Mechanism [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Szu-hung Fang, Shenglin E. Chang

◎Practice Forum

Forming The Task-Oriented Team for Flagship Plan: The Case of Changhua Community Empowerment Center for the Flagship Plan of the Ministry of Health and Welfare [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Huei Hsu, Wen-Ting Hsieh, Chun-Wei Chen

Vol.12, No.1, April 2022

◎Research Articles

Study of the Work Experience of Female Bunun Home Care Workers [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hong Hong, Ching-Teng Yao

Ideal Supervisory Activities and Utility Assessment: A Social Welfare Worker’s Perspective [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chung Wu Chung

Research on the Intervention of Protection Social Workers in the Services to juvenile Domestic Violence and Sexual Offenders [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shu-Yun Lin, Chun-Yen Kuo, An-Jen Yang

A Study on the Retention Factors of In-Home Caregivers [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Li-Chu Chan, I-Ching Chen, Jia-Wen Liou

◎Book Review

Vol.11, No.3, December 2021

◎Research Articles

From “dirty work” to Professionalization: The Competence Development and the Career Predicament of the Nurse’s Aides in France [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shao-fen Lee

Analysis on Level of the of Supervisory Competencies under Taiwan’s Long-term Care System [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Fen-Zhi Yao

◎ Research Note

On the Characteristics and Challenges of Care Worker Training & Certification System in Japan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Fang Hsu, Te-Chun Lee

◎Practice Forum

Cultivation of Long-Term Care Talents: Long-term Care Competency and Cultivating System of Yungshin Social Welfare Foundation [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ruei-Jhen Huang

A Discussion on the Training System and Career Planning of Long-Term Care Personnel-A Case Study of the A Skin-Graft With Love Foundation [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Li-Chu Chan, Jia-Wen Liou, Chueh-Ying Kung

Care Workers’ Competency Development and Management of Chang-Gung Medical System [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chia-Yueh Yeh

Vol.11, No.2, October 2021

◎Research Articles

Floods Information Transmission and Evacuation in Urban Riverside Pamatangan Tribe [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Feng-Ruei Yang, Pei-Shan Sonia Lin

The Current Status and Development of the Service Policy for Double-Aging Families in Taiwan: Take People with Mental and Intellectual Disabilities as an Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Fen-Zhi Yao, Huei-Chyun Yen, Chiao-Ling Chan, Yi-Jhen Lin

Preliminary Exploration of the Pingbei Community Care Support Center [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yen Yi Huang, Shu Yuan Hsiao, Li Ling Hou, Kuan Hsiung Chen, Wei Fang Yang, Yi Wen Lin, Hsing Kuang Liu

From Suffering Domestic Violence to Independent Living: Preliminary Research on Employment Experiences of Middle-Aged and Older Battered Women [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ching-Chun Sung, Chun-Yen Kuo, Feng-Fan Chiang, Pin-Yu Yang

◎Practice Forum

Is the Permanent Housing Sustainable? Reflection and Discussion: A Decade of Progress in Post-disaster Reconstruction Policy of Typhoon Morakot [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Wan-Ting Hong, Kui Kasirisir

Vol.11, No.1, April 2021

◎Research Articles

Research on the Caring Practices and Service Difficulties in Tribal Culture and Health Service Stations: A Practitioner’s Reflections [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chin-Ying Lai, Huei-Chung Luo, Chun-Yen Kuo

The Social Impact of Senior Human Resources Employment in Community-based Social Enterprise: A Case Study of Yuanfu Community Development Association in Kaohsiung City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Rong Wang, Shu-Twu Wang

The Trends of Community Development Legislation in 5 Countries and the Enlightenment to Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Huei Hsu

Re-Imaging ‘integration’ and ‘interactions’, reflections from a community summer program for international and domestic students in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Jackson Simon Lusagalika, Yee-Vonne Leong, Chao-Hsing Huang

◎Practice Forum

Community Work Forum: On Practical Training and Qualifications [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yih-jiunn LEE, Leang-yang Lai, Chao-Hsing Huang, Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Ya-Huei Hsu

Vol.10, No.2, October 2020

◎Research Articles

Community-based Model on Care for Older People: A Case Study in Hoa Binh and Hung Yen Provinces, Vietnam [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Bich Ngoc Thi Tran, Ming-Ju Wu, Cheng-Liang Tsai

The Institutional Arrangements and Paradox of Central Government’s Evaluation on Local Governments’ Performance in Taiwan: A Case of Social Welfare Evaluation System [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yen-Ju Lee, Tien-Shen Li, Yin-Ping Lau, Guang-Xu Wang

Reviewing the establishment of Taiwan’s integrated care system in community from the perspective of integrated care development context [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pei-Fang Lee

Community’s resilience and tribal development in urban riverbanks: Case study of the Saowac in Taoyuan City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chih-Nan Wang, Pei-Shan Sonia Lin

◎Practice Forum

Home- And Community-Based Integrated Care:All In One Services In Plahan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ching-Hsia Cheng, Chao A. Hsiung, Yi-Ying Lin, Hsiao-Hui Yang

Vol.10, No.1, April 2020

◎Research Articles

Market Liberalization and Community Revival under the Great Transformation of Welfare State:the Big Society and the Welfare Policy Controversy in the UK [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Zi-Ming Wu

Exploring the Strategies of Community Health Promotion: The Anti-drug Campaign Course for Elderly as an Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Sheng-Che Hsieh

The practice of primary care in S community association, Jiuru Village, Pingtong County: The Dialogue between the governing of commons and Planning Administration of quasi-market [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chih-lung Huang

◎Practice Forum

We are different: A Discussion on the Multi-Education Counseling Strategies for Dropout Students in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hsiung-Sheng Chang, Shr-Syung Chang

Vol.9, No.2, October 2019

◎Research Articles

The Practical Roles and Skills of Community Workers: The Case of the Typhoon Morakot Community Empowerment Program [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yih-jiunn LEE

Ethical Choices for the Physical Restraint of Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Li-Hung Shih

A Study on the Integration of Legal Needs Assessment and Case Management Services for the Disabled [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Mei-Jung Liang, Fen-Zhi Yao

Research on the Influence of Cultural Capital on Local Development with Social Capital as an Intermediary: Taking Singang Township as an Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hang Cheng, Ming-Ju Wu

◎Practice Forum

The Return to Society Program and Practice of All Community Integration Model of Drug-addicted HIV(+) /AIDS people. [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Li-Yu Chang, Shang-Hou Lee, Ying-Yi Shih, Wan-Cheng Chen

Vol.9, No.1, April 2019

◎Research Articles

Community Activity Participation Observed Using Goffman's Dramaturgical Theory: A Case Study of a Tai Chi Team in the Chiou-Cheng Community in Taichung [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yu Feng Lin, Shuchuan Liao

Tribal Care Paradigm or Sisyphus Rock: Discussing the Care Services of the Atayal from the Experience of Trail Plan in Remote Areas [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-chen Lin

Feasibility Analysis of Developing Social Enterprise by a Project Management Team at the Taichung City Community Empowerment Center [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Fang-Yi Chou, Yu-Ju Yang

A Discussion on the Cooperative Experience of Schools and Communities: Characteristic Learning Tours of Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools in Remote Townships [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shin-Jia Ho, Hui-Nien Lin, Tzu-Chau Chang

◎Practice Forum

The Professional Functions of Indigenous Family Service Centers: A Practical Observation [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chun-Yen Kuo, Chin-Ying Lai

Vol.8, No.3, December 2018

◎Research Articles

Community Policy and Community Care for the Aged Society Let the Community “Care” for Us? [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shrsyung Chang

The frontier of Cross-borders! Discovering the social risks under the population dividend of Kinmen? [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hsiang-Lan Liu

Rethinking long-term care policy reframing in European welfare states: the theoretical dialectic between the market, family, and community [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chih-lung Huang

Analysis of the Community Care Comprehensive System Established on Co-production—Ding-caiyuan Development Association as an Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Ju Wu, Hung-Yu Liu, Tzu-Tung Ou

Building a Livable City for the Aging Families of Caregivers and Aging Adults with Intellectual Disabilities- An Innovative Practice in two communities in Hsin-Chu City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pei-Ling Huang, Shih-Mei Tai, Yi-Hua Sun

Vol.8, No.2, October 2018

◎Research Articles

Interpretation and Practice of Time bank in Community Development [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hui-Tzu Lin, Horng-Hwang Liou

The Situation and Needs of the Parentified Children in the Needy Families in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Sheng-Chi Wang, Inn-Ie Su, Min-Liu Chang

The Needs Assessment and Service Delivery for the Disabled in Taiwan: Effects of Institutionalization in Contexts [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Edward Chun-Fan Lai

◎Research Note

The Origin, Development and Transformation of “Taoyuan City Health Insurance Program for Children and Youths: Premium Subsidies Project of National Health Insurance for Disadvantaged Children and Youths” [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chien-Chou Hou, Yi-Ju Tsai, Shu-Hsiang Lee

◎Practice Forum

On the Legitimacy of Non-profit Organizations Operating Community Enterprise [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chia-Wei Lin

Vol.8, No.1, April 2018

◎Research Articles

The Challenges and Dilemmas which Transforming theCommunity Care Centers to the Neighborhood LTC Stations [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Sheng-Che Hsiehu

A Study of the Living Conditions and Welfare Needs of Indigenous Older people in Pingtung County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Kui Kasirisir, Hung-Yang Lin, Shu-twu Wang

Cultivating a Field of Hope: Case Study on Partnerships and Collaborative Process between Nonprofit Organizations and Businesses [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Feng-Ching Tang, Jessie Shu-Yun Wu

◎Research Note

Domestic Violence Prevention of Community Based Organizations: Introducing Two Practice Models and The Applied Cases in the United States of America [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Yi Chen, Dong Liu, I-Chen Chen, Qi-Duo He

◎Practice Forum

Social Work Practices in Remote Areas: A Case Study for Children and Family Social Work in Penghu County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Caleb Hsiao

Vol.7, No.2, October 2017

◎Research Articles

A Study on Evaluation of Disaster Resistant Community Autonomy [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Chun Chen, Zong-Ping Wu

Exploratory study on the implementation of Time Banking in Taiwan: Perspectives from Social Network Analysis [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Ju Wu, Yu-Hsiang Chou

The Possibilities and Limits of Community Care Centers Augmenting the Long-Term Care Convenience Stores: A Case Study of the Areas with the Most Insufficient Resources in Tainan City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Suen, Jr-Chen

Cultural considerations in community care implementation process and service design in Indigenous tribes: The Case of Haiduan Township, Taitung County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Leang-yang, Lai

◎Critical Review

The Advantages and Challenges of Small Long Term Care Unit: The Imagination and Planning Professional Services of "Alley Service Station" [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/LEE, Yih-jiunn

Vol.7, No.1, April 2017

◎Research Articles

Online Emergency Call Service Delivery Model for Elderly People Living Alone and the Role of Social Workers: Nonprofit Organization Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ling-chu Chen, Min-Pei Tsai

Research on the Factors of Involving in Long-term Care Services and the Ways of Problem Solving of Independent Advocates [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chiu-Yen Yang, Song-Lin Huang, Chun-Yen Kuo

Research on the Supervision of Child Protection and the Development of New Social Workers' Professional Knowledge [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chi-Fang Lu, Chun-Yen Kuo

A Study of Workload of Regional Hospital Social Workers in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Shih Cheng, Li-Hsueh Wu, Hsiu-Fang Yeh

Vol.6, No.3, December 2016

◎Research Articles

Application of SWOT Analysis in Operations Strategies of Community Development – Using Communities Participating in Rural Regeneration Projects as an example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Cheng-Hsun Hsieh

Effects of Community participation on the Psychological Well-being of the Elderly:A Case Study of the Community Caring Concern Centers in Pingtung County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hua-Chin Ho, Hung-Yang Lin, Pin-Fang Tai, Hua-Lun Ho

A Study on Social Workers’ Practice of Working with Parents who are with Intellectual Disabilities and Reported whose Children were Neglected [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hung-Pin Hsu

Social Resources and Social Capacity in the Elders’ Community Day Care Units in Hsin-Chu City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Pei-Ling Huang

Vol.6, No.2, August 2016

◎Research Articles

The Concept, Process and Prospect of Community Cultivation Centers: Based on the University Settlement Organization [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Ju Wu

Return to Basic Value: Explore the Empowerment Mechanism of Community in Taiwan from Community Development Experience in Britain [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hung-Jui Tsai, Chin-Fen Chang

Community empowerment in Taiwan: A dialogue regarding the perspective of empowerment in the UK and the US [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yen-Yi Huang

The Prospect and Progress of Community Empowerment Centers in Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yih-jiunn LEE

Vol.6, No.1, April 2016

◎Research Articles

Evaluation of community health promotion empowerment for the competence of correct medication among elderly [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Sheng-Che Hsieh, Hsien-Yu Chen, Hui-Ying Mao, Wen-Man Tsai

The Effect of Contracted Social Workers to Welfare Service Delivery: The Perspective of Supervisors [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chia-Hui Liao, Yih-Jiunn LEE

The Case Management and Career Transition Service for Disability-Analysis, Review and it’s future Development [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Fen-Zhi Yao

Helping People with Mental Illness for Social Inclusion: Exploring the Experiences of Promoting Social Inclusion in Halfway Houses [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Han Wang, Ho-Hua Shang

Vol.5, No.2, October 2015

◎ Research Articles

A Change for Vision – to Review the Quality of Elder Day Care Service in the Sight of Service Users [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hui-Ya Tsai, Yu-Lung Chang ,Hou-Sheng Chan

Social Care Programs in Communities for the Elderly Living Alone: A Comparative Study between Taiwan and Japan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hubert Liu

The Impact of Social Capital of Community Building on Citizen Governance [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Young-Key Shiau

Vol.5, No.1, April 2015

◎Research Articles

The Analysis for Work Roles of community workers and community adult educators in the context of community development [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Young-Key Shiau

/Hsiao-chun Lin

Accompany and Empowerment: The Process of Co-Learning with Collaborative Communities in Hualien City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Leang-yang Lai

A Study on Work-Related Risks of Home Care Assistants in Taiwan’s Long-Term Care System for the Elderly [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chun-Yen Kuo, Hsiu-Mei Li, Hui-ying Hu, Ying-Hsiu Tsai, Frances Chou, Chin-Ying Lai

Vol.4, No.2, October 2014

◎Research Articles

The Study of Young Students to Involve in Community Empowerment: The Case of “TO GO” Village in Tainan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Guang-Xu Wang, Jui-Hsuan Chung

Unemployment Solutions and Welfare States: From the Perspective of Keynes [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chia-Hung Wang

Vol.4, No.1, April 2014

◎Research Articles

Probing into Seniors’ Experiences of Community Care Centers –A Study on the Guandu Care Center Case [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Min-ko Chiu, Hsiu-Hsiu Fu

Study on influence of community care intervention for elder people with disabilities due to chronic disease [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yen-Hsuan Lu, Hsin-Yi Chen, I-Chen Tang, Yi-Ti Tung

The Exploratory Study of the State of Inter-agency Collaboration for Executing High-risk Youth Counselling Services: An Example of Penghu County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yi-Fen Tseng, Hsiu-Mei Wang, Fu-Hui Huang

Study on Possibility of Poverty Alleviation of Single-Mother Families through Taipei Family Development Accounts [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Yu Huang, H. Norene Wu, Chun-Yen Kuo

Vol.3, No.3, November 2013

◎Research Articles

An exploratory study of empowerment mechanisms for vulnerable communities—Three kinds of CSW model analysis [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Ju Wu

Enhancing Community Capacity through Action Research [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yih-jiunn Lee, Cheng-Hsien Liu

The Images of Island’s Community Work: Action and Reflection [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shih-Mei Tai, Mei-Mei Tsai, Ting-Fang Liu, Wan-Yi Chang

The Bigger, The Better? A Research of Correlation between the Size of Children’s Home and their Performances [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Song-lin Huang, Yi-Hui Huang, Yin-han Kuo

Empowered and counseled process at a newly established community in Hualien [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Leang-yang Lai

Vol.3, No.2, October 2013

◎Research Articles

Community Assets for Community Development Associations with Achievements in Kaohsiung City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shang-Hou Lee, Cheng-Yu Hsieh, Yu-Tsung Lu, Yu-Ching Chang

See Richness from Scarceness-An Investigation into Community Asset of Wang-an Township, Penghu County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shan-Ru Chao, Shu-Twu Wang, Li-Ju Jang, Jie-Yi Chen, Yu-Syuan Tang, Chia-Ling Kung

The Exploration of the Employment Predicament of Taiwan’s Urban Indigenous People in the Post-industrial Society: From the Perspective of Aborigine Opinion Leaders in the Taichung Metropolitan Area [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chun-Yen Kuo, H. Norene Wu, Chin-Ying Lai, Te-Mu Wang

The Volunteering Development Strategies: An Educational and Training Integration Framework in EU [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Huei HSU

Vol.3, No.1, April 2013

◎Research Articles

The Decline of the Taiwan District Hospitals and its Impacts on the Community Health Care Safety Network [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hong-ming Huang, Jenn-jaw Soong

A Case-Study about the Employment in Community for the Mental Disability [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chiu-fen Chen, Li-jui Lin, Yih-jiunn Lee

CanUpright“Mandarin”Have Enough Abilities to Judge“Civilian”Family Matters? —the introspection of roles about child protection social workers in treatment process [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hu, Hui- Yin

A Preliminary Investigation on the Roles of Community Workers from the Perspective of Variation of Contemporary Community [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Chen, Lin

Vol.2, No.2, October 2012

◎Research Articles

An analysis of operational process and functions in collaborative communities: A case of Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Leang-yang Lai

The Responsive Evaluation of Foreign Spouses Welfare Services: A Case Study of Taichung City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hsiu-Hui Chen, Tzu-Ting Lin

An Empirical Review on the Relationships between Learning and Health of the Community Elders —A Case Study of Chiayi County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hung-yu Liu, Ming-ju Wu, Hsiao-Chun Wu

Vol.2, No.1, April 2012

◎Research Articles

The Relationship between Community Resilience and Social Work Disaster Recovery [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Song-Lin Huang, Yin-Han Kuo, Chiu-Yen Yang, Chung-Hua Wang

Tribal development and community empowerment: a study of Paiwanese tribe in Pingtung County [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chun-Tsai Hsu, Cheng-Ren Yan, Chi-chung Tu

The Dynamics and Interactions of Organizations in an Interim Housing Community —A Case Study of Jongchan Base in Pingtung, Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Yu-hsin Chen, Chao-hsing Huang

Vol.1, No.2, October 2011

◎Research Articles

The Growth of Community Organization and Resource Mobilization: The Example of Yunlin Elderly Long-term Care Association [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chin-Shan Chi, Wei-Ting Chen

A Study on the Interactive Relationship between Local Governments and Community Organizations in Post- Disaster Reconstruction — The Reconstruction Project for Typhoon Morakot Disaster Area as Example [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Shu-Twu Wang, Shan-Ru Chao, Hui-Li Hsu

An Investigation of the Employment Status and Demand for People with Mild Mental Disorders–A Case Study of Kaohsiung City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Hua-Chin Ho

The Action Issues on Entering Disadvantaged Neighborhoods to Implement Anti-Social Exclusion: Methods and Introspections [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Chin-Fen Chang

Vol.1, No.1, April 2011

◎Research Articles

The Core Competences of Professional Community Workers: An Explorative Research of Taiwan [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Zu-ya Zheng, Yih-jiunn LEE

The Exploration of Community Capacity and Collaboration between Community Organizations: A Case Study in Tainan City [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ming-Ju Wu, Shin-Bei Lin

Community Capacity and the Key Competencies of Community Workers: Adult Learning Perspectives [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Ya-Huei HSU

Working together: A study of the coalition process between community organizations in a flagship community project [Abstract] [Full Paper]

/Meng-Chun Chi, Su-Fen Cheng, Chi-Wei Cheng